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Personal Training OnBoarding

Coming January 1st

We have a unique 3 Session Onboarding program for adults here at BEarFIT.

Session 1


Explanation of Philosophy 

Discuss Goals of Client

Set up Nutrition Chat with Coach Theresa to Decide if a nutrition plan is good for your goals!

Cover Mobility Movements

Strength Movement Pattern Work Squat/Horizontal Push/ Horizontal Row

Mini Workout #1

Session 2

Go Over Movements from Day 1

Strength Movement Patterns 2

Hinge/ Vertical Push/ Vertical Pull

Learn Specialty Movements #1

Mini Workout #2 

Session 3

Go Over Movements from Day 1+2

Learn Specialty Movements #2

Endurance Testing

Exit Review 

Determination if Personal Training or Group Training is the best course of action!

Cost is $79 For the 3 Sessions and they must be done over a 2 week period of time and booked ahead with a coach! these are mandatory to join a program here at BEarFIT!