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BEarFIT Training Systems offers a weekly schedule of classes for every level of athlete.

BEarFit Athletics


At BEARFIT, we have adopted a group training approach to coaching young athletes from middle school through their post-graduate sports careers. Our programs are for the individual athlete, an entire team, a sports pro, or any young person who has a desire to get better. The areas of emphasis include movement, strength and conditioning, education, and mindset.

BEARFIT Coaches create a fun, challenging environment and an atmosphere that fosters self-belief, teamwork, and respect. Using a variety of coaching methodologies, athletes of all levels of ability will:

  1. Acquire a strong work ethic

  2. Develop all aspects of speed

  3. Improve acceleration and deceleration

  4. Become more explosive

  5. Increase strength and power

  6. Learn change of direction skills

  7. Gain multi-directional agility

  8. Enhance mobility and flexibility

  9. Increase lean body mass

  10. Reduce risk of injury

  11. Learn about nutrition, habits and behavior

  12. Understand rest, recovery, and regeneration


A huge goal of our Athlete Training Program is to create a structure and process where you can have confidence-building achievements every single workout. Our coaches will provide you with opportunities to have small successes every day here at BEARFIT that will translate into improvements at the gym, on the sports field and, also, in life.

  1. BEARFIT'S Athlete Programs are built around a comprehensive structure that includes all of the following aspects of performance based training.

  2. Dynamic Flexibility

  3. Core Training

  4. Movement Skills 

  5. Plyometric Training

  6. Resistance Training

  7. Interval-based Conditioning


Sports And Programs we have worked with and continue to work with

  1. Baseball

  2. Softball

  3. Lacrosse

  4. Field Hockey

  5. Tennis

  6. Swimming

  7. Volleyball

  8. Basketball

  9. Ice Hockey

  10. Wrestling

  11. Football

  12. Soccer

  13. Track & Field

  14. Golf

  15. Gymnastics

  16. Cheerleading

These are intense workouts in which our BEARFIT coaches will teach and guide you throughout your journey.

We EXPECT nothing but your best effort and ability to follow the instructions we lay out for you!

If you want to become the best athlete you possibly can than BEARFIT is definitely the right place for you.

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