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Athletes Training

Become The Best Version of You

BEarFIT Training Systems offers a weekly schedule of classes for every level of athlete. Whether you want to dial up the intensity or take a more relaxed approach, we’ve got a class with a spot just for you. Create your own personalized schedule by choosing the classes that suit your needs.


Beast Athlete Program Level 3

This is the Flagship Program of BEarFit Athletics. It is a 3 day per week Strength based program that uses many exercises and techniques too hard for lower level athletes to use. This level 3 program means any athlete in the program must have first surpassed all standards set in in the Super Kid Level 1 Program and the Strong Athlete Level 2 Program in order to use this program

Image by Alora Griffiths

Strong Athlete Level 2

Athletes who have surpassed all standards set in level 1 may now embark on the level 2 strong athlete program. This is also a 3 day per week program.  Much like level 1 this program has standards set which must be met before moving onto a higher level program!  At this level there will be a greater introduction into the use of external weights and load than in level 1.  Most exercises will be performed with Dumbbells, Kettle bells, Bands and Body weight.  Exercises will be repeated and mastered during this level in order to ensure long term optimal progression!

Image by Chris Benson

Super Kid Level 1

This is our Level 1 program for athletes in all grades with no prior training experience. This is a  2 days per week beginners level program that will teach the fundamentals of movement to allow the young athletes to progress to higher level programs as they age.  Each program has set standards that athletes must achieve before moving onto the next level!

Boys During a Sports Practice

Athletes Speed & Performance All Levels

This is a 4 day a week program with 2 days dedicated to speed improvement and lower body work and 2 days dedicated to upper body work that helps enhance the speed of the lower body.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Jump Performance Level 2 and Above

This is a 5 day per week program for in season athletes looking to become more explosive in their respective sport.  3 days of dedicated gym work and 2 days post game or practice ( which can be completed anywhere with minimal equipment)

Man at a Gym


This is a 30 min class devoted to proper conditioning for athletes that are not in season and not currently playing a sport ( if you are your coach should be taking care of this for you)

Image by Scott Broome

Athletes Mobility/Core

This is a 30 min low impact class designed to restore and refresh the athlete from their weekly schedule of gym practice and games! advised for all athletes to attend!

Image by Jonathan Borba

Prehab/Rehab Specialty Program

These are specialty designed programs to help athletes recover from or bulletproof them from future or reoccurring injuries.  We have programs for Knee/Shoulder/Low ​Back/Hips/Hamstrings/Ankles/Shin Splints and more! The Goal of this program is to return you to play as soon as possible and in better condition than before you were injured!