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Athletes Training

Become The Best Version of You

BEarFIT Training Systems offers a weekly schedule of classes for every level of athlete.

We offer mutiple class times per day for you to book and schedule allowing you to create your own personalized schedule by choosing the classes that fit your schedule.


Athlete Level 3

This level 3 program means any athlete in the program must have first surpassed all standards set in the Level 1 & 2 Programs in order to use any Level 3 Programs.

This Level is unique in that we have 5-6 varying programs for an athlete to choose from based on their goals and the sports they play.  At this level you have built an all around athletic base which means you have earned the right to branch out and try specialized or advanced level programs.

All Classes are 1 Hour in Length

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Athlete Level 2

Athletes who have surpassed all standards set in level 1 may now embark on the level 2 athlete program.  Much like level 1 this program has standards set which must be met to ensure the body is primed and ready before moving onto level 3.

At this level there will be a greater introduction into the use of external weights and load than in level 1.  Most exercises will be performed with Dumbbells, Kettle bells, Bands and Body weight.  Exercises will be repeated and mastered during this level in order to ensure long term optimal progression!

All Classes are 1 Hour in Length

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Athletes Level 1

This is our Level 1 program for athletes in all grades with no prior training experience. This is a  2 days per week beginners level program that will teach the fundamentals of movement to allow the young athletes to progress to higher level programs as they age.  Each program has set standards that athletes must achieve before moving onto the next level!

All Classes are 45 mins in Length