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Adult Movement & Performance

BEarFIT Adult Movement & Performance offers a comprehensive blend of Movement Training/ Nutrition/ and Mobility/Rehabilitation Work for the Adult who is looking to become the greatest version of themselves.

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This is our base Flagship 50 min Strength Based Class which will focus on the principals of human movement and quality through a progressive manner.  Utilizing the 7 foundational movement patters the program is broken down into 3 tiers to ensure each individual is working at their capacity. 

In Tier 1 many of the movements involve body weight and bands ( targets must be achieved to move to level 2). 

In Tier 2 we introduce dumbbells and kettlebells to many of the foundational movement patterns to enhance the training experience and begin to growth greater strength to body weight ratios.  Upon completion of level 2 will then allow you to perform level 3 workouts either in the group setting or on your own.

Level 3 specialized programs which you can use to focus on specific areas sports performances or weakness).  At Level 3 you will have the entire library of bearfit workout available to you

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This is our 20-30 min Cardio Based HIIT class.  This is perfect for those who are looking to come in work hard get a sweat going and then go crush their day!  The focus of this class is on strategic use of Bodyweight, Med Balls, Cardio Equipment and Battle Ropes to create a full body endurance based workout!

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This is a 40 min class that is a mix of both Burn and Build.  It combines the best of both programs into one fast paced heart pounding class that is sure to leave you feeling amazing after you accomplish the workout!