Fit Camp

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Fit Camp

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FitCamp is an all encompassing program for adults. The workout is broken down into 4 major components of fitness.

1. Dynamic Movement                 2. Mobility and Flexibility

3. Strength Training                     4. Conditioning

All workouts and exercises can be customized to the level of each individual person. Through the use of varying exercises, weights or a combination of the two! Everyone progresses at their own pace through the use of a properly periodized program.

Workouts change monthly as this gives you time to acclimate to the workout and make measurable gains from day to day.

Options available are:

  • Walk-In Price for $15.00 per class, paid in person.
  • $25 Per Month Online Remote Program
  • $75 Per Month 2 Day Per Week Coached Classes
  • $95 Per Month 3 Days Per Week Coached Classes
  • $115 Per Month 3+ Days Per Week and Custom Programming
Fit Camps:
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